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Know. Grow. Sow.


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For twelve weeks this summer, starting June 14th, we are inviting people to join a small group that will meet for church family gatherings. Most of these groups will be in-person, either in homes, parks, or in a room at the church building. These groups will live into the elements of Acts 2:42 by listening to the weekly recorded sermon, worshiping through song, engaging in fellowship, and praying for one another in the realities of life. Also included will be an opportunity to discuss then and there some practical questions about how to live into the discipleship invitations of Jesus. By meeting in small groups we have greater opportunity to talk about how to live into a life of following Jesus, and help others on that same journey. 

If you have been part of a home discipleship group this past year, most of those will continue to meet throughout the summer, but on Sundays. Contact your home group leader to find out if they will be meeting. If you aren’t part of a group, click on the link below to register. We will contact you with information on a specific group.

Please join us on this summer journey!

Click the button below to register for a House Church for the Summer.


Looking for a way to stay in the word? Check-out Pastor Rob’s weekly devotional. Click the button below to watch this devotional series.


The Christian life is all about discipleship – growing as followers of Jesus. One of the critical elements in a life of discipleship is small groups.  House Church discipleship groups have three essential components: studying the Bible by discussing more in-depth the text from Sunday’s sermon, praying for each other, and enjoying fellowship. Click the button below to download the weekly discussion questions. 


Wondering how you can be praying for others in the church? Click the button below to download the weekly Prayer List.

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In need of a time of Worship? Check out our weekly Worship Devotional. Click the button below to watch. 

The teaching of pastor Rob is now being aired on KKLA 99.5 FM, every Saturday evening at 10:00 PM and Sunday morning at 6:00 AM. 
The radio show is called “Journey Through the Word.” Did you hear us on-air this weekend and want to connect? Click the button below so we can connect with you on a more personal level. 


At Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo, our purpose is to proclaim the Word of God so that people will come to know Jesus personally, grow in understanding and faith, and sow Jesus passionately to others.

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