There are plenty of things in life I don’t know, but I am certain of some things. I know, for example, when I am awake. Take this moment, for instance. The fact that I am awake is evident in the fact that I am typing on my keyboard and taking sips of good coffee. By all accounts, I am awake. Or am I? Am I really awake? Am I awake to the most important things in life? More accurately, am I truly awake to God?

This question was triggered after reading a statement of David in Psalm 57. David wrote, “Awake, my glory!” (v. 8). Another translation reads like this: “Awake, my soul!” However it is translated, David is referring to his innermost being. David was speaking to himself, the deepest part of himself in actuality, saying, “Hey, wake up!” It’s David telling himself to be awake to the reality of God.

I find that a challenging thought during this time when so much of life has been thrown off-kilter due to the new COVID-19 rhythm. To what am I awake? What do I long for? Do I primarily long for a return to some sense of normalcy? If so, is this time of largely having to shelter in place just a period to endure and wait for ‘normal’ to return? How much is my soul awake to God at this time? How does this strange period of time awaken me to the realities of who God is, or to what He wants to do in me? In our church? In our community? Does my soul view this time of rhythm interruption as a source of frustration or as an invitation from the Lord to be awake to Him?

I write this, in part, simply as a way to further process some of what’s going on in my own soul. The other reason, though, is to simply pose the question on a broader basis: Are we really awake to God each and every day, no matter what we are doing? Even if life has been radically altered in some way, are we awake to the infinite majesty and glory of the Lord? My hope is that we come through this time with souls even more kindled with passion for God who rarely works in predictable patterns.