I have a “Quitter” I’m not going to lie. This child is also my perfectionist. So if whatever they are working on doesn’t work out the first or second time its complete meltdown mode, “I’m the worst!” “Everyone is smarter than me! “Forget it”. Then we swoop in as parents trying to be compassionate but let’s be real…slightly irritated, reminding them that they are smart and people like Albert Einstein didn’t quit! How do we teach our children about not quitting and finishing no matter how long it takes or whatever the outcome? Well, first we need to teach them about perseverance! This article by Focus on the Family is a good start for all ages of children.


It’s great to have articles, podcasts and videos to help us parent but the best place you can go for the truest, most helpful way to parent is the Bible. Like we talked about with the kids last week the Bible is how God speaks to us today! Here are some verses about perseverance to share with your children.