Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings

Check In

Your children’s safety is one of our top priorities. Please make sure you check-in your child at the check-in station. Your child will receive a name badge sticker. Please have your child wear this sticker. You will receive a coordinating sticker. You will need your sticker to retrieve your child in their classroom.


We have classes for ages 2 yrs through 5 yrs old. We focus on Worship, Bible, Center Time, Snack Time and Free Play.

1st Service (9-10: 15 am)

2 yrs through 5 yrs are together in Room 107


2nd Service (10:45am-12:00 pm)

2s & 3s are in Room 103
4s & 5s are in Room 107 

Elementary (1st - 4th Grade Kids)

We have classes for kids in 1st through 4th grade. We focus on Worship, Bible Verses, Missionary Prayer/Offering, Connecting to Life Questions, and the Bible History lesson. After check-in, drop your children off in Room 202. The children then move to Room 204 for review, life application, crafts, and games. Please pick up your children in Room 204.

1st Service (9-10: 15 am)

Drop off to room 202, pick up from room 204


2ndService (10:45am-12:00 pm)

Drop off to room 202, pick up from room 204


Rooted (5th - 6th Grade Kids)

1st Service – After, our check in 5th-6th grade students meet in Room 106. At 9:15 am the children go to the youth room to worship with the teens. They will then return to the classroom for Bible study time. Pick up is in Room 106.


2nd Service  – After check-in, our 5th-6th-grade students meet in Room 205. At 11:00 am the children go to the Worship Center/Sanctuary and worship with the congregation. They will then return to the classroom for Bible study time. Pick up in Room 205.

Special Needs

Oaks Classroom: Second Service (10:45 am – 11: 45 am)

Age Group: All Ages

Kids in 6th grade and younger meet in room 104 after check and remain there throughout the entire service.
Special needs kids in 7th grade through adult, meet in room 106.


The nursery is a vital ministry of our church that is committed to providing high-quality care for each child in a safe, loving and nurturing environment for infants through 24 months.

We have a base of regular volunteers to minister to the children, which helps to make the transition to the nursery easier for the children and parents.  Each of our volunteers is screened for safety concerns and is qualified to minister in the nursery.  Our nursery has a paging system and secure check-in procedure to ensure the safety of your child.  Parents have the opportunity to worship and hear God’s Word, confident that their young children are in a safe and loving place.

After check-in, please take your child to room 102 where you can meet your child’s caregiver, explain any special instructions, and receive a pager.

We have a beautiful nursing mom’s room across the hall from the nursery, specially designed for mothers and their infants.  This quiet room will allow you to nurse, feed, and comfort your baby as well as hear and view the service in a comfortable environment.  A changing table and sink are located in the back of the room.

Mom's Nursing Room

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