I don’t know about you but I’m already dreading the “What are we going to do today?” question that will inevitably come out of at least one of my children’s mouths every single morning this summer! I start out with really great summer plans…first, the children will go through their Summer Bridge Workbooks to keep up on your academics, then we will do something fun, yet educational and end the day at the pool…there will be no fighting, every meal will be healthy and homemade and we will never even think of uttering “I’m bored!”

Yes, well, I’m going to dash that dream right now. It’s not going to happen…at least in my home. I think I can keep up that routine for maybe a day! But not to feel like a complete failure I did find this really great list of activities to do with children where we can at least start the day off on the right foot!


This Sunday grades 1st-6thgrade will meet together for a Remember & Celebrate Service!

We will be celebrating the Festival of Harvest. Discuss with your children some of the festivals and feasts Jewish people celebrated in Biblical times and still celebrate today. What kinds of celebrations do Christians have nowadays to remember God’s greatness?