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Evan & Audrey Eusey and Family

Evan & Audrey Eusey – Japan

With a focus on Bible storytelling and meaningful community involvement, Audrey and Evan Eusey are currently leading a church plant in snowy northern Japan. God is moving there, and they have seen people’s hearts opening to the light of Christ. Most Japanese people identify themselves both as Buddhists and Shintoists. Surveys have also shown that only one-third of the people profess a religious faith. Japan is a modern and prosperous nation with a dynamic culture, making it a crucial mission field for the coming century. 

Although less than 1% of Japanese call themselves Christian, disillusionment with traditional religion, family breakdown, and loneliness have left many longing for the hope of the good news. Audrey and Evan have served in Japan since 2011.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray that Japanese people searching for meaning or fulfillment would find hope in Christ.
  • Lift up Japanese Christians, a minority.
  • Ask God to spark spiritual renewal and empower boldness for churches and missionaries.
Presently, we support local churches and missions in various parts of the world.

Foreign Missions

Foreign Missions: The missions we support are involved in church planting, pastoral training, evangelism, and Christian education. We support missionaries and organizations that serve in the Philippines, Cambodia, East Asia, Indonesia, India, Japan, the Middle East, Uganda, France, Ecuador, Mexico, Slovenia, and Russia.

Home Missions

The missions here at home that we support are missionaries and organizations involved in pro-life health, camps for abused children, teaching and training teams to minister to Muslims, equipping parents and Christian teachers who have children in public schools and providing support for incarcerated youth and their families.

Current Missionaries

Current Missionaries

The Ukraine Collective

The Ukraine Collective is comprised of people around the world coming alongside those on the ground in providing housing, food, medical care, counseling, and the love of Jesus to those displaced from their homes from the war with Russia.

The Ukraine Collective provided housing and food for 544 Internally Displaced Peoples and refugees at the height of the crisis, but have paired down to 323 beds as we transition to more long-term care. The Ukraine collective is actively providing food, medicine, counseling, and building supplies to those who lost everything under Russian occupation.

As a church, we will be supporting two Ukrainian pastors for the next six months. We need your help to do that!

The church in Lviv is a larger church and one of the most significant churches in that city. Over a hundred families in the church have fled Ukraine, and many men are off fighting the war. The church is facing financial difficulties due to the hundreds of internally displaced people the church has taken in since the start of the war. We will be supporting their pastor, Pastor Vova Bilik.

The other church is a Rroma church. The Rroma are very poor and a much-neglected people group in the world. Their pastor, Pastor Rostik, was a lawyer, but due to the war, he became a taxi driver to try and earn money to support his family. The war has made it very difficult for the community.

Church in the Park

CITP is a small congregation of seniors that meets every Sunday at 11:00 AM.

Sunday Service
Bible Study

Discipleship for Iran

DFI Ministries (a non-profit organization) see ourselves responsible to preach the Gospel all over the world including Farsi-speaking countries, a population of 110 million people. This number includes countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, some parts of Russia, and more.

A large community of Iranians are living in the U.S. Of the 1.2 million Iranians in the U.S. 750,000 of them are located in the state of California with 250,000 of them in Orange County alone. Chicago has a large community of 30,000 Iranians.

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