When my youngest was a lot younger he had a problem with stretching the truth. He was really good at it too. He could look you in the eye and lie point-blank. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t stand kids who lie or anyone at any age for that matter but my child, No Way! This was not something I could let go of.

So…I bought a Pinocchio nose. Not only did I buy it, but I let the little liar pick it out himself. He was in shock. We went on Amazon and it took him quite a while to pick one out. I think he thought if he stalled long enough I would change my mind. He even tried to use the excuse that he couldn’t find one that matched his skin color! He was 4 years old!!! So the dreaded day came and unlike opening a Christmas or birthday present he opened this one very slow. I told him that when he lied he had to wear the nose for one whole day. Whether he was going to school, church, or errands he would have to wear the nose!

Did this work? Mostly. Although his favorite thing to do was to tattle on his siblings when he thought they were not telling the truth. He wanted to see someone else wearing the Pinocchio nose. His tattling issue was a battle for another day!

Was this a mom win? I’m still working that one out. He still tries to stretch the truth but when he is confronted with the nose he quickly comes clean. I’m not sure how long this is going to work so I’m very glad I came across this article by Janet Denison “Decide To Discipline: Young Children.” Now that my son is older and can truly understand the consequences of lying I will be able to put away the Pinocchio nose or at least hang it on the wall as a reminder of sin and it’s consequences.