“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

Ok, get ready for the tears! I never like when TJ talks about how much time we have left with our children in the home. Jed always says he’s going to live at home and work at Yogurtland and truly I want more for him but I’m secretly kind of liking that idea! This talk by Reggie Joiner is so real and convicting as he talks about how much time we have with our kids and how impactful we are and should be. Here is the overview: From the moment a child comes into our lives, we are figuratively packing their bags with tools to carry once they leave the home.

During the 1,000 weeks between infancy and graduation, we have the potential to influence our kids’ “now” to change the direction of their future. In this message, guest speaker Reggie Joiner teaches us how to examine the time we have left in parenting, and to place greater value on what happens to our child over time. You’ll learn six principles of intentional parenting, including love, words, stories, work, fun, and tribes. Find out why redefining how we parent is key to our success in leading a purpose-driven family.